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Hello and welcome to this episode of The Online Concept Podcast. In this episode I am going to break down WordPress Care Plans into a bit more detail with the aim of helping you to make a more educated decision regarding your WordPress support needs.

When it comes to your WordPress website a care plan is the only insurance for keeping things ship shape. A WordPress care plan is a maintenance plan of sorts that protects your website against disaster.

A typical WordPress care plan or maintenance plan will have a range of features and benefits aimed at making sure that performance of your website is optimised. Ultimately the benefits of a care plan for your WordPress website will outweigh the costs of having one.

In most cases the benefits include the fact that your WordPress is always kept up to date with a regular maintenance routine, your themes and plugins are kept operating at peak performance and your website is more secure because of it.

With most care plans your website is fully managed and you get peace of mind for your website investment.  Because your website will have less downtime you are saving money and time. Regular daily backups maintain a last line of defence for your website allowing rapid recovery and redeployment of the site.

So, we just covered off on some of the benefits to your business so now let’s look at what is typically included in a care plan. Most base level care plans will include items such as:

Daily Backup – A regular backup of your website that is used to restore or reset your website should anything go wrong.

WordPress Core Updates – WordPress is a piece of software and as such requires regular updates to maintain functionality and security.

WordPress Theme Updates – The theme is what makes the website look and feel the way it does. Just like the core your website theme needs regular updates to maintain performance and security.

WordPress Plugin Updates – plugins are little pieces of software that expand on the WordPress core and provide additional functionality to the website. Plugins also need regular maintenance to maintain functionality and security.

Regular Security Checks – one of the first lines of defence for your site is the regular checks for security breaches in your site. Whether it is a damaged file or virus regular scans will help to maintain a secure website.

Uptime Monitoring – knowing when your website is online is one strategy to make sure that your business investment is working hard to service your clientele. Downtime for your website will cost you in the hip pocket so make sure your care plan has uptime monitoring.

Malware Scanning – malware is a term given to small pieces of software that hang out within your site and do nefarious things. Whether there is malware pretending to be something like a bank login page or simply sending spam emails. For the reputation of your website malware needs to be eliminated wherever possible as quickly as possible.

If your base level care plan is missing any of the above, I suggest looking around for alternatives or ask your care plan provider to add the service.

If you are looking for more from your care plan provider many will accommodate by providing additional functionality in higher tier plans. The types of services you may find in these higher-level plans include:

Broken Link Checks – broken links can severely damage your websites reputation with google but on top of this it annoys your website visitors. This service scans your website regularly to identify any broken links and provides a report allowing you to correct and issues.

Comment Moderation – an important part of any website blog is the ability for your followers to comment on the posts you create. Comment moderation is a service allowing your care plan provider to assist you to remove spam comments.

Support Services – needing help with something on your site from a broken page to updating content. Many care plans allow you to have a limited amount of design or development time that you can use for an array of support.

Various care plan providers will have additional services of their own to include within their plans. Whilst I call the above support services by the names listed other providers may well use different names.

Most care plan providers will have a range of plans potentially one plan or many plans. They will most likely range in price from around $30 Australian Dollars to several hundred Australian Dollars. It is important to remember when choosing a plan to make sure the plan inclusions are clearly outlined and are what you need. Most care plan providers will not lock you into an ongoing contract or term but will most likely require some form of direct debit authorisation.

I hope you have enjoyed this breakdown of a typical care plan and that it helps you to make a more enlightened selection when it comes to choosing a care plan for your WordPress website. Remember you can listen to more podcasts by searching for The Online Concept on iTunes, Spotify, iHeart radio and many others. Do you have a question or need help with something when it comes to WordPress? Reach out to me via email or via our website

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