Great Expectations From Our Content!

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Welcome to our content where our team works hard to bring you some great quality content. We plan to release regular varied types of content that all revolve around the following topics:

  • Graphic Design
  • Branding
  • Website Design
  • Social Media
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Much more…

We will be delivering content as written, video, and audio. As part of our valuable content, we will make available a range of great items such as worksheets, ebooks, checklists and more. As one of our valued readers, we would love to know the types of content you would like to see us produce and the questions you would like to see answered. Some of our regular planned sections and content are as follows.

Use it or Lose It

In this content section, we plan to road test tools in a head to head battle style where only the best tool will be kept. Think of this as our way to give you practical tool suggestions that are road-tested for you. We will score, rate and rank the various tools available and compare the outcomes.

Business Owner Hotseat

We have a hard-hitting list of questions and we are looking for business owners just like you to be interviewed. During your 5 minute interview, we will pick 5 questions from our list for you to answer before wrapping up with your opportunity to pitch your business in 60 seconds. Do you feel like you have what it takes to sit in our hot seat and answer those hard questions drop us an email from the form at the bottom of the page?

The Tech & Design Spin

With so much great news in the tech space and design space, every week join us for our wrap on things. We will cover some of the latest and most interesting articles and give you our personal spin on each.

60 Second Tool Tip

Learn some of the best industry-related tips direct from our team in this section where we give you specific tips to help you grow. Practical software tips to speed up your workflow all delivered in 60 seconds.

Lab Tested

This content section will deliver you some great reviews of products, services and software. We love to try out new and exciting things and we plan to deliver you quality reviews, ratings and rankings on things to help your business grow.

Growing Pains

In business, things don’t always go to plan that’s why we have gathered some tips, tricks and hacks that you can use to overcome some of the biggest issues we all face every day. Do you have an issue that you could use help with reach out to us and we will see what we can find out for you? From time to time some topics will require more in-depth information and we plan to tap into our vast network for answers.

Breaking It Down

Have you ever sat there and thought, if I just knew how to do that then life would be so much easier. In this section, we take common tasks and break them down into step by step guides. Learn great things like checking emails online, uploading photos to facebook, taking photos for use online and much more. Want to know how to do something reach out and send us a message so we can answer it for you.

Business Owner Interviews

Calling all business owners, we are looking for specialists who have great quality information to share with our followers. If you work in a field that can help business owners with their legal, marketing, SEO, planning, finances and much more. We would love to interview you and talk about your business and specialty on video, in audio and text. We will share your information across our social media network, websites and online. If your interested let’s talk, simply send us an email using the form at the bottom of the page.

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