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Online security starts with you!

When it comes to online security, we have all heard the horror stories. Business owners losing all of their data to crypto locking, websites going offline due to hackers, clients seeing porn websites instead of your business. Whilst it may not have happened to you in all likelihood your website or business assets online are under attack.


Where did the old podcast go?

When we first started this podcast almost 12 months ago we were eager to release content. Some of this content was great and we had many business owners comments on how it had helped them.

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Top 5 DIY SEO tips for your business website in 2019

When it comes to your business website, these top 5 SEO tips will give you the edge your competitors are missing. We have combined these tips into this one concise article just for you. Let’s get looking at these SEO tips and improving your website rankings.

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Why WordPress Security Is Important – 5 DIY Tips

So why exactly is WordPress security so important in 2019 and beyond? We have all heard about cybersecurity and its importance, and, we all know or have heard about someone having their website hacked. Some of the most common types of attacks include:


History Of Website Design – An Overview

Welcome to our article on the overview history of website design. In this article, we are going to briefly cover the history of website design globally and also look at the future of website design. To look at the history of website design we first need to take a short trip back in time to 1989 when Tim Berners-Lee proposed to create a global hypertext project whilst he was working at CERN. This project later became known as the World Wide Web.

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WordPress Updates DIY Guide

Welcome to our DIY guide to WordPress updates. This guide was created to assist you, the WordPress website owner with performing your own basic website maintenance. There are a few key steps to performing updates which we will cover in this guide. The main steps are as follows:

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Great Expectations From Our Content!

When it comes to producing content for our show we love to discuss all things design, marketing, branding, online, social media and much more…

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