Top 5 DIY SEO tips for your business website in 2019

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Top 5 DIY SEO tips for your business website in 2019

When it comes to your business website, these top 5 SEO tips will give you the edge your competitors are missing. We have combined these tips into this one concise article just for you. Let’s get looking at these SEO tips and improving your website rankings.

DIY SEO tips for your business website

1. Blog

You might think that everyone is writing blogs and wondering how your blog will stand out? You might be thinking do I even have anything to really write about? Will people even read my blog article if I write it?

The truth is it doesn’t really matter if people read your blog. Well, it does matter and it is a great ego boost to know people like what you have to say. In reality, though the important thing is that the search engines read it. By publishing consistent regular content to your website will help your search engine ranking to grow.

The upside of this is that you are in your business and in your field because you know your industry. In fact, you are probably an expert in your field and in many cases, you are not showcasing this. A blog is a great way to publicise you and your expertise. Admittedly there is more to writing articles than simply putting words to digital paper and we will cover that in another blog article.

When you want to showcase your expertise and publicise your business and website blogging is a great start. Just make sure you publish consistently and use keywords relevant to your content. If you are going to start blogging you can write as frequently or infrequently as you like. This means you can blog when you want daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly but don’t start blogging and then simply stop.

For examples of blog articles feel free to read more of our blog articles here.

2. Use Great SEO Plugins

These days there are literally thousands of plugins for WordPress and other platforms that will perform just about any task. Need to make your website faster install a plugin for it. Need to make images load faster there is a plugin to help with that too. Whilst too many plugins can slow your website down it pays to make sure you choose the right plugins. SEO is one of those things that has multiple facets and multiple options. Our recommendations for easy to configure plugins are below.

WP Rocket: This great and easy to use plugin practically configures itself. In testing, we found a vast improvement over website load times by simply installing and activating this plugin. Naturally, of course, you can take things further with advanced functionality however the learning curve may be a little steep for some.

ShortPixel: This great plugin is a configure once and let it do its thing kind of plugin. Once configured every-time a new image is uploaded to the website it is optimised for load time. This effectively means that your website viewers have less time to wait when viewing images on your site. If you are in an industry where image quality is everything such as photography, this plugin has options for keeping the images looking crisp and clear as well.

Yoast SEO: Perhaps one of the easiest ways to improve your overall writing skills and SEO ranking. Yoast is a plugin that helps you to see what items can be improved in your content. It will look at everything from sentence structure to keyword usage and much more. When it comes to WordPress this plugin is synonymous with successful SEO.

Social media should be an integral part of your online strategy.

3. Local Search

Making sure that you take advantage of the great tools provided by Google and other search engines. A great way to get started improving your local search SEO is to utilise Google My Business. Submitting your business here and making sure your details are correct will help you with online growth. Make sure you get your details verified which can be done in multiple ways. Verification will make your business look much more official online. You do however have to use your actual business address which I do know is a problem for some. In this case, it is beneficial to use your address and get it verified. I believe you can choose to hide the address after it is verified.

It also pays to check other online business directories and claim your business listings and update details regularly. When this is done right it can really help to provide a boost to your online rankings.

4. Social Media

Whilst many social networks do make it hard for a business to get ahead these days without paying money, It is still a great way to generate traffic to your website. Whilst Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and all of the other platforms do not do a lot for SEO directly, indirectly sharing your articles will help you to build traffic to your website. This traffic growth will, in turn, help search engines understand how popular your website is and which content people are interested in.

There are some great plugins you can use to share your content such as Social Networks Auto Poster and many more. It also pays to check whether your website has social sharing capabilities built-in. You could also use an online publishing platform such as Story Chief, You can read our review and thoughts on Story Chief here.

We would love to get to know your business better and perhaps share some of your content why not connect with our social media accounts by clicking the links below.

Facebook – Instagram – Linkedin – Youtube

5. Strategic Link Partnerships

Building a network of strategic link partners is a huge way to get more traffic, better recognition and better rankings. There are several ways to do this from publishing your posts on third party websites such as Medium, to guest blogging on the websites of your business friends. Ultimately these are what is known in the industry as Backlinks and really it means that a piece of content links back to your website.

The topic itself runs quite deep and is far too much to cover in this article. But if you want to get started in building your links reach out to your business buddies and see if they will share your articles on their sites.


These DIY SEO tips will help you to get your business and your business name out to the world and showcase your expertise. Whilst the SEO business is more of a science than a business and is complex it is a great start to do some things yourself. Even though these tips are aimed at helping you to get your business going the results will vary. This article and your DIY SEO will likely not replace the advice of a professional SEO business. If you are serious about moving the needle on your business then please take my advice and seek the support of a professional SEO person. Not sure who to talk to reach out we work with many great professionals in this space.

That concludes this article on DIY SEO tips we do hope you enjoyed the article and that these SEO tips help your business grow. We would love to hear of your success so please feel free to reach out to us.

Article Originally Published: 23 October 2018 (Revised For Republish & Relevance)

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