Where did the old podcast go?

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When we first started this podcast almost 12 months ago we were eager to release content. Some of this content was great and we had many business owners comments on how it had helped them. When we decided to relaunch and rebrand the podcast we wanted to make sure we could really help as many business owners as possible. The Online Concept Podcast is a product of Conceptual Creative and whilst the original podcast was all about the web and WordPress we actually work with so many more aspects of design. We really wanted to showcase our expertise by giving away as much great information as possible. The new podcast and format is all about covering a more diverse range of topics from the design and business sphere including websites, graphics, social media and more.

We know that some people are yet to hear our earlier stuff and others may like to get a refresher on it. That’s why our original podcasts are being made available via our free downloads page. You can download our entire podcasts library from the free stuff section on this website. In the archive you will find the following great podcasts to listen to:

  • 10 Tips to a highly successful website
  • What is a website?
  • Website hosting the facts
  • WordPress security is important
  • The ultimate website planning guide (All 5 parts)

You can access these downloads here.

Thanks for sticking with us on this journey and we hope you love the new podcast and website as much as you did the old site.

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